Artist of the Year

This award recognises practising, professional artists (in any art form), who have achieved significant success in their chosen field. They should have a strong relationship with the Dubbo Region, having been born and/or raised in the region; and should have been practising at an elite level for more than five years.*

If you would like to make a nomination, please complete and submit this form by midnight on Friday 12th July 2019. For more information call 0427 843240.

*For others who support the arts (eg volunteers, teachers, amateur artists or others who contribute to the arts), you are encouraged to seek recognition through the Dubbo Regional Council Australia Day Awards (Cultural Person of the Year).

Name of person completing nomination form *
Name of person completing nomination form
Phone number *
Phone number
Name of Artist *
Name of Artist
(photographer, sculptor, painter, dancer, singer, musician, writer, actor, etc.)
Why should they be given this award? What have they achieved? Have they won other awards? Do they "give back" to the community or support other artists?
Artist's phone number (if available)
Artist's phone number (if available)