Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the procedure for proposing an event to be part of the festival? 
A: Please fill out the Event Partner Application form for your proposed event. Information on this form helps us decide if the event will work in the overall picture. We may call you to discuss it further if necessary.

Q: Is there a cost to including an event in the printed and electronic Festival Program? 
A: No. Once the event is approved to be in the Program, the committee does not charge for your event to be included. The cost of facilitating the event will generally remain the responsibility of the applicant.

Q: What are the benefits of having an event in the Festival Program? 
A: The event will benefit from being part of the festival marketing collateral, which will include printed programs, electronic programs (distributed through social media, festival website, emails, other organisations). In addition, linkages to online ticketing or other websites can be arranged. Your event will be a part of one of NSW's largest inland festivals, which attracts a growing number of visitors each year. Selected fringe events complement the suite of events facilitated by the Festival Committee.

Q: What is the Macquarie Credit Union DREAM Festival all about? 
A: The festival celebrates our creative community through a range of events, culminating in the  spectacular Music + Markets, Lights + Laser show and the iconic DREAM Lantern Parade. DREAM stands for Dubbo Regional Entertainment Arts and Music.

Q: When is the festival held?
A: Held each October, the festival runs over a 10 day period, which incorporates two weekends.

Q: What sort of events are included in the festival? 
A: A wide range of events are held each year, which reflect the entertainment arts and music elements of the community. This incorporates food, wine, music, workshops, visiting professionals, local artists and more.

Q: Are all event proposals considered? 
A: Yes. The committee are keen to hear from anyone who would like to collaborate on an appropriate event.

Q: When is the closing date to submit an Event Application?
A: 30th June 2019

Q: I am a business, but don’t want to hold an event. Is there a way I can still be part of the Festival?
A: Yes. You can become a sponsor. There are a range of price points within the sponsorship prospectus. This is a great business opportunity to partner with our well established festival.

Q: I have a stall that I'd like to bring to the Music + Markets event. Who should I contact?
A: Stall applications can be booked through our online application process.

Q: When is the closing date to submit a stall application?
A: 1 October 2019, after that date it will depend on site availability, however no applications will be considered after 7 October.

Q: I'd like to support the festival through volunteering. How do I do this?
A: Simply complete the Volunteer Application form and one of our team will contact you.